Hotel and Tourism

The hotel business in Indonesia is a business group that has bright prospects, which is meant by hotel business according to the Regulation of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy number 53 of 2013 concerning Hotel Business Standards is an effort to provide accommodation in the form of rooms in a building, which can be equipped with food and drink services, entertainment activities and / or other facilities on a daily basis with the aim of obtaining advantage.

Understand or have legal advisor who master the law of hospitality is certainly a investation which is very profitable for investors and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, why? Because entrepreneurs can avoid various potential violations of the law which will be subject to sanctions which of course can consume a lot of time, energy and costs, in addition, entrepreneurs can understand their existence and responsibility in developing the creative economy in the tourism sector both for consumers and workers who incorporated in its business to the neighborhood and city where the hotel business is managed and developed.

The bigger the business, of course, the more detail and spectrum that becomes the building blocks that must be considered, for example the author takes licensing aspects in a business where any violation of the licensing provisions can result in a business or community business being sanctioned and of course the slightest sanction can hinder and harm the business owner, in this case it means the hotel / hospitality business owner.

Another aspect for example is about employment In the hotel business, how do the statutory provisions regulate this matter, whether an expert is needed or not because as we all know that there are a lot of disputes or problems between workers and business owners that lead to court. Not to mention tax aspects which is the obligation of hotel entrepreneurs to the state in their performance as service providers and when hotel entrepreneurs have networks with other companies as vendors or business partners.

Various questions can arise when hoteliers want to start or develop their business. The author will try to present several questions that can be used as study material for business actors, including:

  1. If a hotel does not meet the requirements as a one-star hotel even if it is only one-star, then can this type of hotel continue to operate and provide accommodation services?
  2. What is the form of responsibility for consumers who suffer losses due to negligence that are accidentally committed by hotel employees?
  3. Should a business actor wishing to start a hotel business have to establish a business entity in the form of a legal entity or is it sufficient in the form of an individual business entity? etc...


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