We are

A group of legal practitioners who uphold idealism and professionalism and specialize in expertise in the fields of trade, companies, contracts and investment as well as dispute resolution, we already have several affiliates and are members of several organizations both local and global (such as the International Bar Association and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators ). We also have partners from various countries such as: Nigeria, Argentina, London

Our Vision and Mission

Arif Edison's Law Office was established in mid-2015 in the North Jakarta area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia. Inspired by the high level of legal problems that occur in the capital's community. This is not to mention the factor of public dissatisfaction, including the writer, about the law enforcement process which runs too slowly and is often left without clarity and reasonable reasons.

Not a few complaints from the common people, which actually are the holders of national sovereignty complaining about the performance of law enforcers in this country, let's just name a few cases which imply that the law is easily bought with money like corruptors who can continue to freely enjoy the results of corruption, minors who can drive a motorized vehicle without having a license, the son of a rich person who has killed dozens of lives without getting a clear punishment to the poor, heirs of their ancestral land who are deprived of their land rights very easily by certain irresponsible and rampant groups like thugs or barbarians who can act at will in a country based on the law.

There has been too much suffering from the community which has become a motivation for writers and colleagues who are in the same profession and who are members of this law office to fight for legal idealism in this beloved State of Law of the Republic of Indonesia. The Arif Edison Law Office has a mission to provide free legal education through free consultations to equip the general public who reads various articles contained on our website and social media accounts. Not a few cases of poor people that we have handled and resolved, starting from cases of accounts payable, inheritance and so on. Readers who want to submit input or opinions can send messages via text or email on this site.

Greetings, Author