Practice Area

What are the legal rights and obligations that arise from an insurance agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights
IPR is an exclusive right owned by a person, group of people or institutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are considered a good and easy way to develop a businessperson's business.

Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Repayment Obligation (PKPU)
Difficulties experienced by a company in running its business are common.

Export and Import
Globalization turns out to have a positive influence on trade between countries.

Local Investment and Foreign Investment
Is a capital expenditure to acquire assets or property to generate profits

Taxes are the government's prerogative, an obligatory fee that the government collects from the public.

Corporation and MSMEs
MSMEs have a weakness, namely that it is difficult to 'upgrade' because their business is always stagnant and the market is limited.

Any on-line transactions carried out without caution will certainly cause problems and losses.

Mediation and Arbitration
Mediation is actually an alternative dispute resolution aimed at efficiency and effectiveness.

Hotel and Tourism
Understanding the law is an investment for tourism entrepreneurs to avoid breaking the law.

Property and Patrimony
Indonesia has Customary Inheritance Law, Islamic Inheritance Law, and Civil Inheritance Law.