Examples of Legal Letters

When making an agreement between two parties, a guarantee or certainty is usually required. This is intended so that neither party is harmed, one of them is by agreement. An agreement can be made orally or in writing, but the strength of an oral agreement is very weak so that if there is a dispute between the two parties who promised it would be difficult to prove the truth.
The agreement made by both parties guarantees certainty that the agreement that has been mutually agreed upon can be kept as well as possible. For matters that are very important, people prefer a written agreement or a letter of agreement as evidence in black and white for security.
In the agreement letter, it usually contains an agreement regarding the rights and obligations of each party which binds themselves to do something or not to do something. Apart from the two parties, the agreement letter sometimes involves a third party to strengthen the agreement.
The following are examples of good draft legal agreement letters. Click the desired draft and select the download icon on the top left to download the file.

01. Draft Company Regulations

02. Draft Work Agreement for a Specific Time (PKWT)

03. Draft Work Agreement for Indefinite Period (PKWTT)

04. Draft of Decree on Appointment of Permanent Employees


05. Draft Employee Performance Appreciation Decision Letter (Year-End Bonus)

06. Draft Employee Salary Change Decision Letter

07. Draft Employee Promotion Decision Letter

08. Draft Employee Transfer Decision Letter

09. Draft Decree For The Appointment Of The Head Of The Branch Office

10. Draft Employee Assignment Decision Letter (Letter Of Assignment)

11. Draft 1st Warning Letter (Sp 1)

12. Draft 2st Warning Letter (Sp 2)

13. Draft 3st Warning Letter (Sp 3)

14. Draft Decision Letter For Termination Of Employment (PHK)

15. Draft Overtime Warrant

16. Draft Official Travel Documents

17. Draft Internal Memo Letter (HRD Circular)

18. Draft Power Of Attorney For HR Manager To Take Care Of The Company's Employment Relations

19. Draft Power Of Attorney To Deduct Employee Salaries

20. Draft Minutes Of Loss Of Company Property