The role of energy today is very important. It is important for increasing economic activity and national resilience so that energy management which includes supply, utilization, and exploitation must be carried out fairly, sustainably, rationally, optimally, and integrated. This cannot be separated from us to utilize it properly and with quality so that the efficiency of its benefits increases, stated in Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 30 of 2007 concerning Energy "Conservation of energy resources is the management of energy resources that ensures its utilization from its supply while maintaining and improving the quality of its value and diversity."

Business Licensing is the legality given to Business Actors to start and run their businesses and/or activities, while Risk-Based Business Licensing is Business Licensing based on the level of risk of business activities. In utilizing energy, of course, licensing is carried out first, namely Risk-Based Business Licensing, one of which includes energy and mineral resources as stated in Article 6 Paragraph 2 of Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of risk-based business licensing. The implementation of risk-based business licensing for the energy and mineral resources sector, namely:

1. Electricity Supply Business License for Public Interest
2. Mining business license
3. Mining transportation and sales license
4. Mining Service Business License, and other licenses related to energy resources.

The licensing process for the energy and mineral resources sector in Indonesia is known for its difficult requirements and procedures. The author knows this because in the business world a fast and correct process is needed so that for the smoothness of the process, of course, legal consultants in the energy and mineral resources sector are needed.

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