The role of fashion image consultant in the fashion world is arguably important for those who need to represent themselves according to their work or profession. To find out more details about the responsibilities and qualifications that a fashion image consultant must have, see the following discussion.

Some important points that will be discussed in this article include:
Fashion image consultant is a profession carried out by an expert in helping someone to develop and improve their professional image through the clothes they wear including determining clothes, accessories, to makeup and hairdo.

Although in the world of work fashion image consultants are often equated with Fashion Stylists, they are still different. The most striking difference between a fashion image consultant and a fashion stylist is:

  • Fashion styling is needed to help someone choose the right style, clothes or make-up.
  • Fashion image consultant is needed to help someone in building a personal image.

It can also be said that the focus of a fashion image consultant is actually to help people who have difficulty choosing clothes and accessories for special occasions in an aesthetically pleasing template to meet customer needs.

Although it is still unfamiliar and not too popular, especially in Indonesia, the existence of a fashion image consultant is actually quite necessary, especially for public figures such as celebrities, officials or wives of officials.

In carrying out their duties and responsibilities as mentioned above, fashion image consultants themselves can work for companies or based on individual contracts.

It is not uncommon that fashion image consultants will also be asked to assess the client's personality, career goals and body type to recommend clothes and accessories that can boost their confidence.

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