Di era perdagangan global, ketika ribuan perusahaan Indonesia perlu memperluas bisnisnya ke luar negeri dan sebaliknya di mana perusahaan asing atau PMA dari ratusan negara di dunia ingin berinvestasi bahkan berkolaborasi dengan entitas Indonesia, tidak tersedianya pengacara atau praktisi hukum yang cukup terampil untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pasar tentu merupakan masalah yang membutuhkan solusi segera. Di antara ratusan ribu pengacara Indonesia yang terdaftar di lembaga profesi kita dan bahkan jutaan lulusan hukum Indonesia, ternyata tidak lebih dari 100 (seratus) profesional hukum yang memiliki kemampuan, pemahaman, dan penguasaan bidang hukum internasional. Khususnya di bidang hukum ekonomi, bahkan mungkin tidak lebih dari 10 (sepuluh) kantor hukum dengan jaringan di luar negeri.

Inequality and gaps that are so large are certainly realized and immediately followed up by JIMLY SCHOOL OF LAW AND GOVERNMENT (JSLG) in collaboration with ARIF EDISON INTERNATIONAL LEGAL SERVICE (AEL) by opening a special LEGAL ENGLISH training class to improve skills for business owner, professionals, and top management in all companies in Indonesia, bearing in mind that Indonesia stands as the only non-english country in Southeast Asia.

Lastly, our discernment of latest survey that Indonesia will hit its pike of productive age by 2030 and subsequently place itself as the fifth biggest economic country in the world has inspired us to proudly present this invaluable course as an investment for your future life, business and career. This courses is supported by INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CENTER (INIAC).


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Tax is a source of state revenue to finance general government expenditures. In fact not everyone understands about taxes, especially in the law, even there are still many citizens who do not comply because they do not understand the procedures or calculations of their tax obligation. Tax disputes often arise in Indonesia involving well-known corporations/companies in Indonesia, such as Tax Bribery Case where there are many corporations still committed to it in order to reduce tax payments. According to Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) as of March 8, 2021, there were 165 companies identified as having high potential tax collections, but only three were investigated, namely PT Jhonlin Baratama, Panin Bank, and PT Gunung Madu Plantations. PT Jhonlin Baratama which is known to be owned by a major mining entrepreneur.

This class is certainly very useful for both business owners and professionals to improve their knowledge and skill in dealing with tax disputes.


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