In the era of global trade, when thousands of Indonesian companies need to expand their business abroad and vice versa where foreign companies or PMA from hundreds of countries in the world want to invest and even collaborate with Indonesian entities, the unavailability of lawyers or legal practitioners who are skillfully sufficient to meet market needs is certainly a problem that requires an immediate solution. Among hundreds of thousands of Indonesian registered lawyers in our professional institutions and even millions of Indonesian law graduates, it turns out that there are no more than 100 (one hundred) legal professionals who have the ability, understanding, and mastering the field of international law, especially in economic law, maybe even no more than 10 (ten) law offices with overseas networks.

Inequality and gaps that are so large are certainly realized and immediately followed up by JIMLY SCHOOL OF LAW AND GOVERNMENT (JSLG) in collaboration with ARIF EDISON INTERNATIONAL LAWYER (AEL) by opening a special LEGAL ENGLISH training class to improve skills for professionals and top management in all companies in Indonesia as the first step that can be implemented immediately with the hope that the market needs for professionals with global capabilities will be fulfilled and by 2022 it is hopeful that there will be hundreds of alumni who acquire these skills so that Indonesian Lawyers and Legal Practitioners can pursue lagging behind in global competition. Further benefits are prepared for participants who pass up to the ADVANCE level will have the opportunity to continue their education in International Mediation and International Arbitration which will be held by the INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CENTER (INIAC).

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Batch 1 intermediate level

Batch 2 basic level