To what extent is the scope of trade law?

Trade laws or ‘lex mercatoria’ are all the rules that provide guidelines, guidelines and restrictions required by entrepreneurs and companies from any country in the world. Because trading activities cannot be limited by the territory of a country so that their activities often cross borders between countries, the rules of trade law are also cross-country and jurisdictional. Trade law even covers all legal systems that apply in the world, civil law, common law, Islamic law, customary law and bijuridical.

Given the breadth of trade law, every lawyer who handles businessmen or corporate clients should know or even master the legal system and legal rules that apply in the scope of the business or trade world. Our lawyers are always training themselves and are always trying to improve the quality of our services for the business or commerce world in order to provide comprehensive services for all our clients, both local and global. We together with all our partners who are spread across almost all continents will strive to always provide the best legal services for your company.

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