Why are lawyers so important to your business?

Most people do not know the important role and function of a Lawyer or Legal Counsel in developing their business or business, not a few entrepreneurs think that the fees for a Lawyer or Legal Counsel are quite high and therefore it is not suitable if an initial entrepreneur who is still pioneering spends his operational funds to pay someone Lawyer or Legal Counsel.

One of the most frequently encountered questions in entrepreneurs is

Is Lawyer important to my business and business? Aren't there many other interests that must be considered and prioritized for the development of a business / business such as Management, Marketing which includes promotional activities that will bring greater benefits to my business?

Indeed, it cannot be denied that the existence of a strong management, solid Marketing team, and good promotion as supporting elements of a business / business can significantly increase business performance and sales figures. And of course the author agrees with this explanation, but it must also be admitted that the facts and surveys state that many businesses / businesses have stumbled with legal problems so that as a result the company has to spend a lot of money and time and energy to solve threatening legal problems. good name or reputation of the business / business.

Therefore, to answer the questions above, it is better if we first equate the perception or point of view of the nature of a Lawyer in the business / business world.

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